Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Public Diary?

I've been trying to explain to myself....Why a blog? What could I have to write about of any interest or importance? I am a wife, mother of 2 boys under the age of 4, and I work full time in the apparel industry (I deliberately chose not to say fashion industry). My life is very hectic with very little time for myself to do the things I love. Those things are mainly enjoying cookbooks, trying new recipes for my friends and family to enjoy, gardening, watching movies, flipping through fashion magazines, drawing, playing the piano, travelling, and so much more (most of which I can't remember the last time I had time to do)!

I am making a huge effort to start doing the things I love again. Motherhood has to allow for it, doesn't it? Regardless of the real answer to that, I am going to try. Starting this blog in some ways is helping me do that. It will be my little diary where I can document some of the craziness going on in a house of endless laundry, potty training, teething, daycare issues and of course....food!

As for the name of this blog, my husband suggested it because I am often asking (more like begging) him to somehow find me 5 minutes peace from all the day to day chaos! I happen to find peaceful, calming moments alone in the kitchen, so '5 minutes peace....in the kitchen' it is!


vonsachsen said...

Oh, so you have started one :)
I love the pic about you and your son...so sweet. Also the picture of that old diary, is that something you have? Very interesting-romantic-nostalgic :)
This is a very nice start. Good luck with your new blog!


Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Sandy, welcome to the blogging world! I've been going a few months now, and it makes me take a few minutes to think about myself - so hopefully you will get your 5 minutes peace! :)


Sandy said...

Vonsachsen, thank you for the compliment! I wish I could take credit for the diary photo, but I'm afraid it is not mine.
Kelly-Jane, thanks! I hope so too!

pistachio said...

Well done, Sandy! Hope you get more than 5 minutes :) it's important to have time for yourself.

pi xxx

Aimée said...

Your son is so cute! Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging... Good luck as you start on your blogging adventures.

Lisa said...

I just found your blog, Sandy! Well done!
I started mine on a whim, but have found it to be a really good outlet for my thoughts and pics, and it is nice to take some time, as K-J says, to mull things over. And like Pi notes, to have time to yourself, ha.