Monday, June 18, 2007

Cape Cod- Part 2/ The Lobster Pot

Last week while in Cape Cod, we had not one, but 2 dinners at 'The Lobster Pot'. It was so good, we went back the very next night for seconds! It is located on Commercial Street in Provincetown and you can watch the boats and the seashore from your seat. It was the ultimate seafood experience!

The kids were happy, especially Camden as he had a HUGE lobster tank to stare at prior to our meal. Glen & I were happy, especially when our meals arrived. For appetizers, I ordered a soft shelled crab that was lightly battered and fried and served on top of a crostini and covered in a tomato red pepper mixture and a light cream sauce. The flavours were incredible! Glen ordered a Lobster avocado cocktail that was unbelievably delicious! Then we were treated to family style large bowl of salad and a condiment tray of 4 house made dressings. I loved the toasted sesame dressing but the citrus dijon one was also pretty good. The selections of breads served alongside had white rolls and also a spicy and sweet pumpkin bread that the kids really loved with a little smear of butter!

Then came entrees! Glen ordered the traditional lobster dinner with a bowl of clam chowder, red potatoes and a corn on the cob (yes, he briefly wore the bib!). I had the same one night, but the second night chose to try the 'Lazy Man's Lobster' option. 5 oz of lobster meat, all shells removed, and baked in a sherry cream sauce and sprinkled with fresh chives.

Everything was delicious. The atmosphere was very casual and perfect for the kids. Service was good, food was heavenly. I wonder how many meals like this I would have to have before getting tired of seafood. Hard to imagine that ever happening.


Lisa said...

Yay! Pictures! Thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to go there someday and am really enjoying hearing about your trip.
Glad you had fun!

Aimée said...

Mmm, this looks so good. Glad you are having an ideal family holiday!