Monday, June 18, 2007

The Story Behind Crunchy Meat.

Okay, I admit that I have a very difficult time making decisions. Choosing a name for this blog is a perfect example of this. I had trouble finding a name originally, and chose 5 minutes of the kitchen, but it never felt just right. After sitting on the beach last week, and thinking about my family, my family throughout childhood and now my very own family, I realized some things. I realized that the reason I love cooking so much and making delicious things for the people I love is all because of my Mom. She always managed to keep the house in perfect order with 3 kids and have amazing, comforting meals ready and waiting. There were recurring dishes that she still makes today, but there were also new things she would try. I don't remember anything she served up that didn't taste great.

When I think of my most memorable and comforting meal it includes what my sisters and I call 'Crunchy Meat'. I think if I were to order it in a restaurant, it would be called Veal Milanese, or maybe even a Shnitzel of some kind. Whatever you call it, I like the term crunchy meat to this day. It is a veal cutlet seasoned & breaded then fried in a pan and always served with Mama Lucy's roasted potato wedges and a leafy green salad dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I wish I had a picture to insert here, but at the moment I don't. Maybe I will recreate the meal myself and post pictures at a later date.
When my life becomes hectic and I am in need of serious comfort, this is the meal I want most. I have many other favorites, but this one reminds me so much of my Mom. Now I want to recreate those same food traditions and comforts for my boys that my Mom did for us. For me, cooking is my favorite way to do this. I hope Camden, James and Glen will think of home when they smell or taste something familiar from my kitchen.
To sum up the name change of this blog, it's in small part for my own indecision, but for the most part an ode to Mama Lucy and all the memories I have of her in our kitchen.


Lisa said...

Ah, your Mom sounds like an amazing person! I love crunchy meat! My Mom was a schnitzel wiz and it was my favorite meal, too!
And it's your prerogative to change you mind, you know.

Sandy said...

I don't even have the appropriate words to describe how amazing my Mom is. Thanks! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Sandy,
Come chat w/us (in your spare time, ha) if you want to at

Paola said...

Hi Sandy!

Just caught notice of your blog and I love it! What a wonderful pic of you and your boy, btw! Will add it to my list of favorites!

Paola :)

annauk said...

How lovely that Mama Lucy has left you these wonderful, precious memories! I am really touched by your post.