Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pasta- just for me!

Although I love cooking for friends and family, I know I could never cook for a living or cater events due to my lack of confidence to please the masses. So the odd time I can prepare a dinner just for me, I really take pleasure in it. Glen has been working a lot of extra hours this week, and most of those nights I admit to being quite lazy with cooking, but one night I came up with a pasta dish just for me. Some of my favorite pasta dishes have evolved this way, and here is my new favorite: Fettuccini with Mushrooms & Black Olives.
I picked up some fresh cremini and oyster mushrooms at the market but went home a little unsure of what to add to them to make the perfect pasta. I picked up one of my favorite books, Claudia Roden's Food of Italy and got inspired by her Tagliatelle with Olive & Mushroom Sauce (from Umbria). If you love olives and mushrooms, you have to try this!
I sauteed my mushrooms in some olive oil until they were slightly browned and soft. I added a splash of white wine and let that cook for a minute or so. Then I took a few spoons of a really flavourful black olive tapenade I had in the fridge and added that to the pan. I let it coat the mushroom mixture and then added fettuccini, parsley and loads of grated parmesan cheese.
The night before, I mixed up the dough to the famous No Knead Bread from the NY Times. It was baked just in time to have with my pasta. It really is the best bread's the link for the recipe.


Kelly-Jane said...

Mmm, mushrooms and olives sound and look great, and your bread too - lovely :)

annauk said...

Oh, yes, your pasta looks stunning!
and that bread sounds too good to be true!

Aimée said...

Good for you, Sandy! Looks like you are taking care of yourself. I agree, it's hard to get excited sometimes about cooking for one, but this looks divine!

Paola said...

Your meal looks fantastic! Whenever Hans has to work late, I really take time to make something great. I'm a fan of self-spoiling!


Lisa said...

I cannot believe your bread!!! It looks amazing!
Your pasta sounds really good -- I'll try it! Good combo!

Sandy said...

Baking bread is really the last thing I was ever interested in! But this bread is the easiest and most miraculous thing ever! I strongly urge anyone to give it a's perfect!