Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Weekly Pizza Tradition

My Mom used to make pizzas every week. They were always rectangular and had different sections with various toppings to please everyone in the house. She'd pair the pizzas with a large tray of Italian sausages roasted in the oven & served with peppers and buns. That way there would be enough leftover pizza for lunch the next day too.
I've been making versions of her pizza since I got married. It was probably the first thing I learned to make. I've kept it pretty similar to Mama Lucy's version, using the same base ingredients and seasonings but have made a couple of changes along the way. I prefer using stonewear which I think browns the crust really well (and never sticks if there is a little tomato leakage). I also started making my own pizza dough which is super easy in the food processor. I also make 2 large ones so that if anyone pops in, there's more than enough to go around and we're guaranteed a lunch the next day.

While I was baking the pizza, I decided to make a quick dessert. Crepes with Strawberries and Star Anise Syrup. I found the recipe/idea in a cookbook I got from a Pampered Chef party and thought it sounded quick enough for a weeknight.
First I made a crepe batter and refrigerated it. Then I threw some freshly squeezed orange juice into a saucepan with some sugar and 4 star anise. Brought it to a boil, turned off the heat, removed the star anise and added the zest of the whole orange too.
I cut up some strawberries and made some whipped cream with vanilla and assembled everything together. The star anise syrup was delicious drizzled over the top. I would serve this any day and will try it with the originally suggested blueberries next time.

I'm keeping the weekly pizza tradition alive!


Paola said...

wow! those crepes look FANTASTIC! keeping traditions is such a wonderful thing, btw.


Kelly-Jane said...

I want to come for dinner, I can be right there! Both dishes look so very good :)