Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good-bye September!

September is without a doubt my favorite month of the year. I love the subtle change in weather, the sudden desire for comfort food, and the fact that my birthday and anniversary fall in it doesn't hurt.

I was happy to be the recipient of a little family celebration with my boys. The birthday hats did morphe into something a little odd, but I assume living with boys I will have to get used to superheros, villains, monsters and whatever this was supposed to be:

The hats were money well spent. There were flowers, there was cake, there was a lot of fun. Then my sister and her daughter dropped by on their evening walk with this:

The cake was tiny, beautiful and delicious.

Camden also started his first school year. It was so much fun to watch, and I couldn't help wondering where the time has gone and his baby book isn't even filled in yet! Here's Camden and his much more mature senior kindergarten cousin walking to the schoolbus together:
It's so nice we live on the same street as them. My sister and I have been taking turns following the schoolbus just making sure they get off the bus at the right stop.
It's been a hectic month, but amazing too. We've been so busy and had so much fun that I feel a little like hibernating for awhile now. Time to start thinking about roasting peppers and Thanksgiving!


annauk said...

Ha ha!! I LOVE the way you have been following the school bus...what a great idea!

Kelly-Jane said...

I'd be following the bus as well, in fact when the time comes - that'll be me too!

I hope he really enjoys himself :)