Sunday, September 30, 2007

They are Edible!

Squash are very interesting vegetables to me. They are abundant in Ontario right now, but this is the first time I actually bought them in hopes to try cooking with them. This is with thanks to Norm(Kate), Jody and Michelle who inspired me.
I had eaten turnips (or rutabagas) growing up, but never Acorn, Pepper or Spaghetti squash. I picked up these pretty varieties, of which the names escape me right now.......Not only do these decorate the house, they are edible too! I'll try roasting them this week.
I had a butternut squash and tried a wonderful recipe courtesy of Norm. I roasted a chopped up butternut squash with tomatoes, onions, garlic and rosemary. Then I pureed it all with stock, simmered in a saucepan and added a splash of cream and salt and pepper. I made some parmesan toasts to top it off and enjoyed this big bowl of comforting autumn soup. The roasted tomatoes really made this soup for me....thanks Kate! I will make it again and again.


Aimée said...

Beautiful squash! I find each fall I am forced to try new things with squash because I can't resist buying them and then I get them home and am like, hmmm. Have fun!

vonsachsen said...

The pumpkins look so cute! Just like Aimée, I´m also on the hunt for new pumpkin recipes all the time...
Sandy, I also noticed amongst your books on the counter one that is called Cold weather cooking. Sounds very interesting, who is it by, please? Do yu use it a lot? What kind of recipes are there in it?

Sandy said...

Thanks Aimee, I'd be anxious to see what you do with your squash this fall also.

Hi Vonsachsen, Cold Weather Cooking is by Sarah Leah Chase (who is also the author of Nantucket Open House Cookbook). I've only recently discovered her books and they're now favorites.
The Cold Weather Cooking book has lots of roasted meats, braised vegetables, breads (including Sambuca Corn bread), muffins, seafood and fish and so much more. It is excellent!
Also, there was quite a detailed thread on MrX regarding the Nantucket Book.

Kelly-Jane said...

They are beautiful, I often leave mine on the counter so long, admiring them that they go rotten!