Monday, October 15, 2007

Friendship Through Flowers.

I am such a novice gardener, but I have big dreams. I love the idea of flowers that will come back year after year, growing stronger and more beautiful with time. There are so many perennials that I love, and figuring out the names of them so that I can buy the right bulbs has become a small challenge.
In the short time that we've been in our new home, I've had people share some of their foliage and flowers with me. My Mom split her Hens & Chicks, which look like artichokes, and they are thriving along the pathway to our front door. My mother in law has taken Bleeding Hearts and Hostas out of her gorgeous garden so that we could add them to ours. My sister in law Paula gave us some yellow day lilies from her backyard, and our neighbors have shared so much with us too.
This weekend, I was visiting my girlfriend Renee who is originally from Saskatchewan. Her parents came to visit her last week from their farm and brought the biggest Lily bulbs I have ever seen. She graciously shared some with me and I've already planted them. I have my fingers crossed that the beautiful white and yellow lilies will enjoy a long life in my garden.
I feel like sharing things from your garden is so special. As I see different things this Spring pop through the ground, I will be able to point out which ones are from who, and hopefully one day share them with someone else too.


Lisa said...

Oh, yes, I'm right there with you! That's a gorgeous lily.
This is such a fun pursuit! When I lived in MI I was just obsessed with this and I enjoyed the whole process so much. I remember planting about 100 tulip, hyacinth, & daffodil bulbs while 8 months pregnant, which was a funny maneuver as you can imagine. That spring, how pretty it all looked! And I was super-lucky b/c one of my neighbors was a gardening columnist and she had a magical yard and would bring me little gifts.
I am just starting to get the hang of Florida -- it's totally different.

Kelly-Jane said...

I've never heard of hens and chicks!

The good thing about changing your garden gradually is that over time you really see where you would like to have pretty things growing :)


annauk said...

What a lovely post!!
I would love to have a garden :-(

vonsachsen said...

This post made me smile and long even more for a little garden...
Please post pics in the spring :)