Thursday, October 11, 2007

Giving Thanks X 2

Fall is a time of new beginnings for me, even more so than the New Year. The change in seasons, the start of school and the start of my favorite holidays likeThanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. This year, Thanksgiving felt early, but it was a celebration of food that just kept giving and giving! We are lucky to each have our extended families nearby and they celebrate on different days. That means 2 Thanksgiving meals and lots of leftovers.

The first dinner was with my in-laws. We had a delicious turkey, smoked ham, ribs, mashed and roasted potatoes, veggies, gravy and cranberry sauce. We ate everything so quickly, I didn't even get a chance to take a picture, but I did get the important stuff. This was the table that got swarmed by all the kids and me of course.

There were cupcakes......

There was a white chocolate cheesecake with chocolate covered strawberries......

There was also a carrot cake and a pumpkin pie. My mother in law is a fantastic baker and it was difficult to choose.

The second dinner was the following day at my parents house. We also had a traditional turkey dinner with 2 types of stuffing, cauliflower with cheese sauce, brussel sprouts, other veg, potatoes and some kind of veggie couscous 'thing' for my vegan sister. Dessert was pumpkin pie, Vanilla Cream Pie and a Funfetti cake with orange frosting which the kids decorated with sprinkles.

I have turkey and ham in my freezer which will be pulled out as soon as I decide what reincarnation they will take in my kitchen....turkey turnovers, Vietnemese Cold Noodle Salad with turkey, Ham and Peas with Bow ties. The possibilites are endless.


annauk said...

You CHOSE between the desserts?? NO, have a bit of each!
I like the idea of the chocolate dipped strawberries as decoration. It all looks and sounds delicious!

Sandy said...

Anna, I have been Pumpkin Pie obsessed and even bought my own to eat throughout the weekend (even for breakfast one day!). I wasn't even tempted by the other stuff. And I tell myself it's not that bad for you because it's full of pumpkin puree. It's really like a veggie course, no?

vonsachsen said...

Oh, wow, what a feast! I have been meaning to try and make pumpkin pie for several years but somehow I never have...Now I have a few recipes, I might give it a try this year. I mean, I HAVE to know what it tastes like, it´s strange watching all those movies and not know what they eat :D

Sandy, I agree! Pumpkin pie should qualify as healthfood ;)

Aimée said...

That's a stellar looking dessert table! Like you, we enjoyed back-to-back turkey dinners. How blessed we are!

Ms O said...

Pumpkin Pie is great for breakfast! Do you enjoy Turkey Tetrazzini? That's fun to make with some of the holiday leftovers.

Lea x

Sandy said...

VS, You really should try out pumpkin pie. Although I didn't love it my first try, I really love it now.
Aimee, gathering around with friends and family does make you appreciate your blessings.
Lea, thank you for reminding me about turkey tetrazzini. I do have a great recipe I should pull out for that.