Monday, November 19, 2007

Express Mornings

Through the last few years, my cookbook collection has grown at a fast paced rate. It all started with Nigella Bites just after I got married (7 years ago). Since then, many others have stood their ground on my kitchen counter, but Nigella has always remained a favorite.
When I got Nigella Express a month or so ago, it was like being re-aquainted with an old friend.
The chapter headings were cutely named, the recipes enticing and her writing made it hard to put down.
I was immediately drawn to the breakfast section and made a batch of the Homemade Instant Pancakes. It seemed like such a little thing, but premixing the dry ingredients really speeds things up for me and we've had homemade pancakes every weekend since. Although we usually have them with sliced bananas and maple syrup, this last batch was made along with Nigella's blueberries simmered in maple syrup. You can find the recipes here.Since we were going all out anyways, we added bacon and a refreshing drink I recently enjoyed at a brunch in Yorkville called a Morning Glory. We had a small bottle of Asti and combined it with some Orange Juice. It felt a little indulgent, but we thought we'd celebrate the fact that it was the weekend.As simpler and less decadent day I made the Green Eggs and Ham. It was a crepe batter mixed with pesto and then folded with some sliced ham. I made roll ups for the boys with them and they picked them up with their hands and gobbled them up.

Now, this one is probably best suited as a dessert later in the day, but we decided to have the Donut French Toast for brunch one weekend too. The recipe is here and I urge you to try this one at any time of the day.

As you can see, we've been starting our days off right on the weekends. Weekdays are a whole other story that involve a lot of running and eating on the go or at my desk at work.

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Kelly-Jane said...

Your food looks great, Sandy, and the picture with the blueberries is really fantastic!