Friday, November 23, 2007

Reacquainted with an old friend

When I had my first baby 4 years ago, my attention and full devotion was understandably focused on him. His first year of life included moving twice, the start of a new job for me, and so many other significant milestones for our family. When we moved into our current home, many of my personal things were packed away and more or less forgotten. Years of accumulated stuff from fashion school, knitting and quilting classes and a lifelong interest in fabrics, sewing and art supplies were boxed up and stored in the dark corners of our basement. Another pregnancy arrived, and my stuff recessed even deeper into those dark corners.

Life with our little boys has been a gift. They are wonderful little creatures who have enriched our lives in so many ways. But it has also been a challenge finding balance and harmony between the lives we knew before they arrived and after. They are less than 2 years apart, and it was an adjustment to say the least. Establishing routines has finally started to produce some positive results, and the fact that our little one goes to sleep early and independently, has made a difference of immeasurable proportions. Now that our baby is approaching the age of two, we are finding ourselves with more time to breathe again. More time to think. More time to catch up on things.

Most of the catching up has been just getting organized around the house. It feels so nice to do that for a change and leaves us with some nights now to watch a movie together or read a book. Some nights we just catch up on conversation- adult conversation! During this period of new found freedom (limited doses of it, of course), I have rediscovered much.

Not only did I rediscover my trusty sewing machine, but also my love of creative and beautiful things which don’t directly involve me as a mom, wife or career person. I uncovered more than just my ‘stuff’ in the basement. I uncovered my old interests and I discovered me again.

Although I would never have the confidence to call myself an artist, I love being creative and always have. I love the endless possibilities that I feel when I stare at a blank piece of paper, or a small scrap of fabric. I love shapes & colours. I love fabrics and yarns. I can spend hours flipping through a magazine or art book reveling at what creative minds can achieve. Music and art are where my heart has always been. That outlet has been missing in my life for quite awhile now, but I’m happy to say rediscovered. I am not exactly sure where it will take me yet. But for right now, the possibilities are endless and lifting.


Kitchen Goddess said...

Lovely post. Good luck with your plans :)

George xoxo

Kelly-Jane said...

I can associate with a lot in your post, it's fun to get a back a piece of who you were before, a fun re-discovery.