Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's beginning to feel a lot like....

Winter! The snow has been coming down all day and I'm not really sure how we'll even make it out to work and school tomorrow. But it is so beautiful. It feels like winter should, although we're technically still in Fall, aren't we?

Christmas is only one week away. There are so many things to do and time is moving faster than fast, quicker than quick. No matter how chaotic things are though, the snow seems to slow us down. We spent the entire day indoors. We watched cartoons, baked a pumpkin cake, played games and lounged. I can hardly wait to do that for a whole week surrounding Christmas.

Amongst some of the Christmas stuff we've pulled out this year, I found these placemats I made a long time ago. I made them as a gift for Glen's Nana when I was still in University. I knew that out of anyone I knew, she would most appreciate placemats in the shape of ornaments. How right I was. She adored them and displayed them each and every year after that. She left us quite a while ago, and they made their way back to me when her apartment was cleared. This is the first year I've actually used them.

There are matching coasters as well, but for the time being they remain tucked away in a box.

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Paola said...

What a special thing to have (and give), Sandy! They are really more ways than one.

May you and your family have a warm and happy Christmas and may 2008 be filled with love, light and laughter.