Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Turning Four

When else can you eat pizza on silly plastic plates with a side order of salt & vinegar chips? On your birthday, of course. Camden turned 4 this week and that's what we did. Just the 4 of us. We ate until we all felt a little sick, and then ate cake too.
James was happy to help Camden with the candles.

I can't believe 4 years have passed already. He has turned into such a charming, sensitive and funny little man. I thought I'd name off some random things that make him so special:

1. He is a deep thinker and makes interesting observations at the oddest times. You can really have a great conversation with him.

2. He is the farthest thing from shy and loves to have in-depth conversations with people in the park, stores or on the street.

3. When he smiles, his entire face lights up and you can't help but smile too.

4. He is always concerned about the well being and happiness of his loved ones.

5. He is generous with his hugs and compliments.

6. He loves to play with my hair, and asks for my permission each and every time.

7. Not only does he love to dress up as Peter Pan, but he also bears a striking resemblance, don't you think?
We are so proud of the little man he has become.


Mara said...

Camden seems to have a gorgeous personality even at such a young age. Happy birthday to him!

Kitchen Goddess said...

What a wonderful post. Happy birthday to Camden, so glad you all had a lovely time.

George xx