Monday, February 18, 2008

so long, february blahs

After a horrid few days of feeling sick, and then passing it on to little James, I finally felt better and had a date! Yes, a long overdue date. We went for a long, delicious brunch and feasted on a californian omelette (me) and prime rib hash with poached eggs (Glen's).
We wandered around a few of our favorite stores, grabbed coffees (the latest copy of InStyle) and then headed home to tackle a few small tasks without the little ones hanging onto our legs. Before picking up the boys, we set out to Ikea and got a few small things to add to my studio/sewing room. It's coming along so nicely and I will share pics of that soon.

It's been a particularly dark February, and my sister Julie has been taking such good care of our little James that I wanted to give her a special thank you. I felt so good about my green neckwarmer, I thought she would like one too. I made her a blue one and sent it over to her today. After that project, I made my second attempt at sewing James a little toy for his 2nd birthday. It's an adorable pattern by Hillary Lang from the Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book called peanut, the wee elephant. I tried completing one about a week or so ago, but the fabric I chose kept splitting at the seams and needed some adjusting. In the end, I wasn't able to stuff him quite as much as I wanted to (hence, the floppy little legs), but overall he's pretty cute. I have a lot of practicing to do on that blanket stitch on the eyes though. Whew!!! All of the apparel sewing I did in University didn't prepare me for the little hand details on a lot of these new projects I want to try.

Here's my version of peanut, droopy legged, creepy eyed, but still kinda cute.


Lisa said...

Sandy! That elephant is SO CUTE!! I can't believe you made that! And the neck warmer is so pretty -- that's a beautiful blue. And the packaging is great! Your s-i-l will love it!
I'm really impressed.
Sorry to hear you were sick, though, and that James is.

annauk said...

What a gaaaawjus elephanticus!!!

Claudia said...

omg, that omelette looks so good and I'm noramlly not a big fan of omelettes (more a pancakes girl). And your little elephant is super cute.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

the neck warmer is lovely in blue too! sweet little elephant!