Tuesday, March 18, 2008

James is 2

When my little James turned 2 last month, we had many celebrations. Family & friends gathered, lots of food was enjoyed, and we happily watched him in the centre of it all. I didn't get a chance to post anything about it until now (our house has had a revolving door containing the flu, bronchitus, teething, etc.) But through it all, James' robust and happy self has kept us laughing. He is truly the sweetest little guy with a mischievous spark behind those eyes. He is his big brother's shadow, but he is still so individual. He smiles the second he wakes up and barely stops all day long. He has such a happy soul.

Glen & I sit up at night and picture our boys as teenagers. We can already see the broken curfews and adventures he will pursue, probably with Camden by his side to lecture him and bail him out of trouble. But time is already passing so quickly, I need to slow things down and savour every moment while he is still this small. It won't last long enough.

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!


Paola said...

Happy birthday sweet little guy! What an angelic cherub you have there, Sandy! Time does go by way too qucikly. Kirstie is almost as tall as me...she was tiny just yesterday!

PS: Love the picture of him asleep with his guitar. :)

a friend to knit with said...

ahhh! happy birthday to your big guy!
funny. we picture our kids as teenagers too.
a little scary, huh?

Kelly-Jane said...

Happy Birthday James, aw two! I love the picture of him asleep with his guitar! Little cutie =)

Claudia said...

cute cute cute! Happy birthday James.

Lisa said...

Aw, what a cutie!
Happy Birthday, James!!

Anna said...

What a lovely post Sandy! Made me think of my own two lads when they were small.
Yes, you must treasure these days. Before you know it they'll be grown up and leaving home.
Oh, I long for those wonderful days, when I could tuck them both up in bed, and know they were safe.

Kitchen Goddess said...

Happy Birthday Jamie.

Aimée said...

Happy birthday to your baby! Time for another one??? :)

Ms O said...

James is so adorable. He looks like a little rock star curled up with his guitar. :)

Lea xx

julie said...

Belated happy birthday to little man James! So cute with his baby curls!