Saturday, May 24, 2008

making my house a home

We moved into our new home over 3 years ago, and although it is nice, it hasn't felt quite right to me. I felt like we had pulled it all together at a time where I wasn't too focused on my home. I was a first time mom starting a brand new job, and had a big move to plan. So, instead of selling everything we own and starting fresh, as I had enthusiastically suggested, we spent the last week sprucing things up at home.

It started with my dream of a french country kitchen. I said good-bye to the pinkish kitchen cabinets and builder fixtures. The cabinets are being painted white (Benjamin Moore's Cloud White, to be exact). We had a white subway tile backsplash put in, schoolhouse lighting hung up, and a new faucet installed. It feels fresher and happier already.

We recently purchased a new kitchen table, but the chairs we had were not feeling quite right either. Glen's addiction to Craigslist has been around for months and has produced quite a few cool and cheap finds. But this time, I really give him points for finding us the perfect reclaimed antique pine chairs with rush seats for about $8 a piece. Not only do they match my table, but there are 3 pairs of slightly different designed chairs which is exactly what I wanted. All co-ordinating, but not all matching.

This one is my favorite one.A few things are left to finish it up completely. We are waiting for the cabinet doors to come back and be returned to their rightful home. And I'm trying to find the perfect fabric for a relaxed roman blind in my kitchen window (one with little ties at the bottom). Of course, when I have a specific project like this, I can't seem to find any fabric I like at all.

And I am knitting some dishcloths after seeing this. Because my kitchen really needs them, don't you think?
Next up, the garden!