Friday, June 6, 2008


Things I am loving this June......

hanging baskets of flowers are everywhere, I just can't decide which ones should make it home with me.

finally, a completed knitting project. Or half of one? Does one slipper sock count as 50% complete?

this favorite cookbook making it's way back in rotation.

and the sheer excitement brought on by slides and outdoor fun.


Claudia said...

I never made slippers but I'm sure that 1 completed slipper counts for 50%...maybe more because the second one will probably be easier and faster to finish.

Philigry said...

I love this post! those flowers! beautiful! And yes, that sock does count as a finished project.

a friend to knit with said...

oh sandy! awesome photos. and your sock!! yippee!
i am so excited for you. great job!

vonsachsen said...

Wonderful flowers:) And you are a temptress! I bought the Cold weather cooking after your recommendation (and I LOVE the book) and now it seems like I´ll "have to" buy this Nantucket book too. Phew! What a hard life I have;)